Oxford Tiles in Box Frame - Small


Eye-catching wall art comprising nine individual tile drawings of iconic images of Oxford!

For Oxford lovers all over the world, these tiles frames will delight and please anyone with a link to this famous and historic city. With 23 uniquely drawn images to choose from, each tile frame can be individually tailored to reflect nine different memories or experiences. Produced exclusively in black and white, the frames will suit all interiors, men or women, young or old, and make perfect gifts or a personal treat!

The Oxford images have been carefully chosen to represent different aspects of this wonderful city, from the Radcliffe Camera, and University Church of St Mary the Virgin, to the Hertford Bridge, and a bicycle, there will be something to twinge the memory of tourists, residents or anyone who longs to visit this world-renowned citadel of learning.

Each image is drawn in our seaside studio in Brighton, and then transferred onto the individual tiles before being mounted into your choice of a black or white box frame (please specify when ordering). And you can choose which images from the list, below, or order the one shown here which contains the most popular Oxford images.

1. Kings Arms 2.Oxford City Council Sign 3.Radcliffe camera 4.Hertford Bridge 5.Punt 6.The Oxford Martyrs 7.Magdalen College Tower 8.Rowing awes 9.Scholar hat 10.University Church of St Mary the Virgin 11.Stone head 12.Jericho sign 13.Folly Bridge Sign 13.Ashmolean Museum 14.Boaters Hat 15.Oxford Castle 16.Lampost 17.Tom Tower 18.Carfax Tower 19.Martyrs memorial 20.Phoenix Picture House 21.The Headington Shark 22.Pitt Rivers Museum 23.Swan

If we don't receive a message from you we will use the design shown in the photograph.

made from:

Made from: Ceramic tiles. Box frame made from polcore (recycled polystyrene)

Frame Size: H16cm x W16cm x D3cm, Individual tiles 2.5cm x 2.5cm

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