30th Birthday Present March 30 2016


When my brother turned 30 recently, I was really stumped with what to buy him. Over the years, I have shamelessly given him my own personalized Brighton mugs or specially-made cards, but for 30 I thought it needed to be something more significant. So, I hit on the idea of a personalized tile frame with the number 30 nice and large on four tiles in the middle, and then 12 individual tiles to represent key things, activities, places, interests etc over the 30 years. Knowing him as I do, this was easy! We'd been to the same schools so I tracked down the logos, I know his favourite sports and teams, what he likes to drink, where he’s lived etc, so it was really nostalgic for me to draw those images and then fire them onto the tiles to make a unique gift. He loved it! And so many of his friends admired it that demand started for more – So, I’m pleased to let you all know, that Martha Mitchell Design now produces personalised prints for landmark birthdays. Click here for more information. Thanks Joe Mitchell!